Hilde Elbers


 Theatermaker – Teacher – Therapist

Individual Therapy sesions:   contact me to book a session

Create embodied change & Sustainable growth in your personal and professional life 

Improve your physical, emotional and mental health with an expressive arts method that uses somatic mindful movement, imagination and honest reflection.
* Increase your self-confidence
* Learn how to withstand your inner critical voice
* Reduce stress
* Overcome addictive habits and negative thinking patterns
* Overcome a negative bodyimage and create a solid body sense
* Recover from trauma and Ptsd symptoms

* Support recovering from eating difficulties and disbalances

* Learn to self regulate your nervous system
* Bridge the Body-Mind gap and learn to feel from the inside out
* Reduce anxiety around performing/auditioning
* Get your artistic voice articulated and clear
* Find your passion and authenticity
* Get support finding a balance between your personal and professional life.
Theater making:
8 sept im playing in dublin

My new show Yeah but no but yeah still plays: 24/25/26 march 2017 at cement festival

Watch the trailer here

Time and tides will wait for no man

ends and beginnings
  the world enters
flowing in and out
an unending continuum
 give me
boundaries to live in



A manual for walking 25 february 2017 In rotterdam during moving futures
Trailer! watch here

Review: Dutch click here

English: review a manual english version


Im part of distinguished dreams for the dutch dance days:

more info:  dansmagazine


I offer: somatic movement classes, Life-Art process classes, Self portrait series, Dance Improvisation classes, floor work classes and diverse workshops: Inner critic workshops, fear of failure, character structures, stress reduction,and non violent communication workshops  click here for more info or contact me at: Elbershilde@gmail.com


I got voted the BEST FEMALE DANCER 2010/2011 for my part in Berlin elsewhere by: Arnd Wesemann (critic for Tanz magazine) for video material check under video’s 1