Hilde Elbers

Still keeping it up


Still keeping it up

Choreography/dance:Hilde Elbers Lea Martini (dance/performance)

Music and performance: Ilya Ziblat Shay

In co operation with Dansbrabant and Cacaofabriek Helmond

IMG_7629Still Keeping it up investigates the specifics of “happiness”  No matter what: we try to stay happy, uplifted and we post on Facebook our “fantastic” side of life…  WE HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!

Through extreme slowing down of movement tempo, a extremely manipulated version of “i had the time of my life” , and a never leaving fixed smile we try to find the underbelly. We start to perceive the hidden storys and messages that our body’s are telling: Under the happy mask, other creatures are speaking.  the neurotic, pathetic, ironic, funny, hilarious, exhausted, frustrated, joyful and angry parts of us… All of us.
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