Hilde Elbers

The chosen one

Regie, choreography, idea and concept:

Hildegard Draaijer, Jan van Opstal, Sassan Sahar Yaghmai,

Assistent artistic team: Hilde Elbers

In this project im involved as assistant choreographer and teacher for the professional core group of dancers. And for the 60 amateur dancers: from age 5 till 88.


The chosen one is inspired from the theme: the outsider: wich plays a important role in Sacre du printemps. together with the dancers and actors from Theatregroup DOX 50 amateur performers from the hague explore the tolerance of nowadays society. Together they form a resembles of the community: youngsters, elderly, parents with children. The show is dreamy, absurd and everybody has the chance to become the Chosen one!

The chosen one plays in the Atrium (city hall of the hague) a place where everybody has to go to take care of their lives. Young, old, rich, poor. It does not matter everybody gets treated equally and nobody will be excluded. THOUGH???  is there patience for a elderly person ore a hot shot youngster? how much tolerance is actually there?

18,19,20 november 2011

More info : www.theatergroepdox.nl