Hilde Elbers

The Undercurrent Solo Version

Choreography: Hilde Elbers and Johnny Schoofs


Dance: Hilde Elbers & audience

Music: Roberto Garreton amongst others

This is a improvised interactive solo about desire and open, intimate, vulnerable, powerful contact. And all the hidden desires that are under the skin when we see each other.

I dance  for and with  ore in between the audience,

They are my partners, my reason for movement.


They are invited to participate, come and dance with me. We dont rehearse before, it develops in the moment itself.

Video: Click here!


She desire’s

Her heart pounds

Present, ominous present,

She longs to be

amongst you

show herself for who she is,

She desires to see you

to be seen

to be met

to meet

to hold and be held

without masks

without shame

she desires


in powerful vulnarability