Hilde Elbers

Classes and their descriptions

Class descriptions:     Hilde creates a lot of safety and trust in a group (participant) 

Hilde’s openness, genuine interest in us, lets us be who we are and then we can build and grow from there! (participant)

Hilde accepts and embraces what is present and alive in the moment, so we can work under all circumstances and make progress (participant)

Improvisation/instant composition class:

This class will focus on making instant dances: we will train different aspects that we need for composing in the moment: Our body, our kinestetic awareness, our emagination, decision making, musicality, listening to the space, others and ourselves. We will train how we can connect to the whole room with everything in it here and now.

We will work with composing techniques and tools, perspective, essence and dynamics.

In the first part of the class we will focus on a subject and train it trough the body. We will use the body as our tool to experience, become aware and connect. We manifest and listen trough the body. After this technical training we will create pieces in the other half of the class. Throug just doing it and create, and on the other hand observing each other we will grow in our practice of making choreography in the moment.

Costumized classes:

IMG_3053Using a unique approach of Movement, Drawing, Writing and Vocalizing, in These workshops and classes I cater to your need! An inspirational video? click here

Costumized workshops and classes vary from 1 hour to 2 weeks ore longer. They vary from in depth studies in  improvisation ore any other field of contemporary dance to a quick taste of what  dance could be! For everybody! private coaching, trainings for creative leadership, Group dynamic work. Ore if you want me at your facility: Custumized classes and workshops: dance for everybody for more information.

Virtuosic  floorwork  class: 


This is a very physical and versatile class: Starting with structured improvisational taks relating to the techniques used in floorwork, we find within our own body and dance vocabulary how the body and its weight can let go. Passing organically, swift, and explosive trough the joints and bone structures, we find our dynamic natural ways of moving in and out of the floor. We then apply the qualities we have discovered in exercise format. We use the fleshiness of the body to find soft contact to the floor. And with the help of natural momentum from swings and spirals we are able to move fast big and grounded.

The exercises provided will be a natural build up towards a final combination, though each exercise in itself is a dance already. Each dance focusses on the effective use of muscular effort. Executing only that what is absolutely necessary to get the job done. This efficiency allows us to let go of unwanted and unneeded tensions. With the extra space created by letting go we can focus on ”being there” and include our awareness of space and others into our dance. We bring our whole self into each movement so we don’t just merely copy steps.

Instead you find what the dance means to you and express that through your own interpretation of the given choreography. By using your sense of musicality you allow yourself to give different flavors to the movement material.

In this virtuous class we use invertions and will build strength and stamina.

Watch here a small impression of the class!

Improvised floor principles:


Next to a “standard” technique class I also offer a floorwork class on improvisation base.

Here we use one of the main floorwork principles: The spiraling body.

We will make use of the pelvis as the connecting point between the lower half and the upper half of the body. So legs can travel via pelvis trough the back and the arms upwards and out and vice versa: Arms can travel trough the torso and back via pelvis and legs downwards and out.

Generating movements and impulses from  arms, legs and head we will use the autonomy of these bodyparts to discover the relation of limbic parts towards the centre of the body and each other trough the pelvic area.

We learn how autonumous limbic parts can direct us, take us into space. How the head/arms/legs can bring us to invertions,spirals,slides,jumps and soft landings. This way of working brings a rich and surprising movement pallet. The class will be very specific on how to use your impulses into space so the body will become very clean and clear in his intentions. It generates a big awareness of oneself in relation to the space around.The class will be versitale and dynamic. But one can discover his/her own natural organic ways of moving in and out of the floor

photo walter bickmannFloorwork principals :

The two classes above are combinable, they can be used besides each other, to get the maximum result out of both classes, both of them empowering the other one as they treat the same core issues but from a totally different angle. The more standard class will offer set phrases and therefore movement vocabulary, precision, clearness in the body that can help while improvising. And the improvisation class helps the students to the mechanics in their own body, witch benefits are great when applied in standard floor technique class. Both classes support each other. And as such they can be combined into one class ore a class that last longer then 1,5 hours. it can be made into workshops ore clusters. In eighter case i can adapt the class and modify it depending on the students that i have in front of me and what they need at that moment.

The improvisation floor work class can serve as a great support to other release techniques swell.

Hilde is a freelance teacher and has all the papers required

Hildes energy and wisdom makes me enlarge my range of possibilities

Hilde brings out the best in everybody with her passion, compassion, and a approach that looks at the individual needs (student)