Hilde Elbers

Costumized classes and workshops: dance for everybody

Get your needs met! a class ore workshop designed especially for you!

Making Use of  the Life- Art process: a unique method integrating Movement, drawing, writing,  sounding and improvisation And my years of knowledge as a Dance teacher, Choreographer and dancer I will use to design a workshop that caters to your needs.

I have worked with: Professional dancers, dance academy students, Addicts in recovery, Traumatized individuals. Amateur dancers, toddlers, children, high schools,juvenile prisoners, Actors, drama students, office workers, busines cooperations, governmental institutions etc.

The length of a workshop can vary from 1 hour to 2 weeks ore longer. No previous experience with any of the art forms is needed! Every- Body can do this!

Click here for a inspirational video about the Life- Art Process.

Workshop examples:

* Critical dances: working with the Inner critic and lessening its grip

* Re- imagine -ing the body:  creating a healthy body image and a solid sense of self

* Im such a character :  Looking at character structures: their challenging and transformative quality’s: Rather then reacting on events from a bully, victim, avoider ore rescuer perspective we become somebody that can respond from a authentic connection to oneself while being able to stay in contact with the other.

* Non violent communication workshops

*  Im worth it: promoting self esteem and allows for story’s to be told

* Stage-fright: looking at anxiety and fear of failure when in a “performance” situation.

* Selfportaits: Creating a portret of where you are in life now and  learning to listen to the hidden wisdom of your body. A highly transformative and insightful journey  bringing out your full potential.

*Instant compostion and improvisational dance workshops

*Floorwork workshops.

Also look at Classes and their descriptions for detailed class and workshop information

And Teaching method vision and Resume for in-depth information on my approach

Contact me now for a customized workshop for yourself or your company/ Institution Elbershilde@gmail.com