Hilde Elbers

Re-image/ing the body: living with a healthy body image

We are all subject to the “image” we have of ourselves or others have of us.

This workshop will provide an open frame to research the topic of how we perceive our body’s, and the thoughts and feelings we have around the “image” we have of ourselves.

We explore also how we inhabit our body and feel it from the inside out. We gain awareness of our body as a vehicle that carries us through life: senses, explores, and ables us to do what we want to do. We re – imagine our body’s, re connecting to its innate wisdom, safety and beauty regardless its shape, form, weight.

Body image:  Is made up of the thoughts and feelings that result from how you   perceive your physical self.

Body sense is how you experience your body from the inside out, and provides a safe and calming place.

For who: all kind of schools, teens, performing artists, company’s, healthcare organizations, modeling agency’s,

What will you get out of this workshop?  

  • Gain awareness of the difference between how we perceive our bodys from the outside and how we can feel them from the inside.
  • Get knowledge how to mindfully work with the image we have of ourselves/others
  • Somatic tools to find peace in the body.
  • Reduce feelings of shame around the subject of struggles with food, self critic, overexercising and comparing the body
  • Knowledge about different body shapes/types

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