Hilde Elbers

Arnold/ Buitenkunst 2012

“Arnold” was made in 6/8 hours.

Choreography: Hilde Elbers and dancers:

Dancers: Wendy harmsen, Wim Feijen, Charel van deursen, Madelon de jong, Floor groote haar, Vincent bijllaardt.

The generated material is based on the film principles that Austrian film maker Martin Arnold uses in his work.

This week was a week long research with amateur dancers about extreme manipulation of time. Manipulation of time to bring out  unseen moments, processes and steps within a everyday action. We where slowing it down extremely, ore speeding it up. Here you find the fast version of time manipulation.

  • there is no cut in the narrative, no finite interruption, but rather an interminable progression and regression, a repeated and continual running backwards and forwards where once fluid motion becomes an irregular  vibration

VIDEO: Arnold, buitenkunst randmeer 2012  

(ps dancing starts at minute 4)