Hilde Elbers

Zelfportretten / Selfportraits and bodypart mythology

If your body could speak what would it say?

In these classes, workshops ore curriculums we look at where you are currently in your life. Expanding your strengths and resources. Uncovering themes that are present for you. And (re) discover new or fresh perspectives and possibility’s to relate to them.

The work will enable you to:

  • Find more clarity, focus and direction in your life
  • Expand your range of possibilities and creative solutions in life
  • Voice, enact, and be witnessed in things that matter to you
  • Bring forth your visions and anchor them in your body, catalyzing change.

Depending on the desired focus its possible to orientate around and emphasize the following aspects:

  • Art-making, creativity, free play and performance techniques
  • Somatic movement/dance explorations
  • mindful, insightful reflection.
  • Psychological/Therapeutic function.

See here a film of a selfportrait performances in a dance curriculum.

Your body stands metaphor for your complete lived experience. Its the vehicle that carries you through life. Thus reflecting in its posture, gestures and movements your thoughts believes and feelings about yourself and the world you live in.

We will use: movement, drawing, writing, voicing, and improvisational performance

In an curriculum we will start from an integrative self-portrait, and then moving on to Body part mythology. exposing the story of the parts that make up the whole. We then re-integrate and create a new full body self-portrait.

The Body Part Mythology  zooms into your life stories through the lens of a specific body part. You can see your body as an book. Each body part represents a chapter out of that book. Revealing its vision and opinion, contributing to the whole story. Each body part stands metaphor for universal yet very personal stories. For example:

  • Legs: balance of balance, taking a stand, walking towards and away.
  • Arms: defending, holding on, embracing, reaching out in life, communicating, building,destroying.
  • Shoulders: strong shoulders, caring the weight of the world
  • Ribs: holds longing desires, wishes, breath (what do you want to breath in and out?)
  • Abdomen: stands for digestion elimination etc
  • Head: our thinking part but also about masks, what kind of face do we put on?
  • Spine: for our posture in our lives, central axis
  • Pelvis: lifeforce, containment etc

These classes can be:

1,5 hours – 3 hours. A day, A week, A full curriculum.