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The Tamalpa experience workshop!


Photo: Victoria donnet

This workshop is available for Schools, private organizations and businesses.

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If your body could speak what would it say? / Als jou lichaam kon spreken wat zou het dan zeggen?

The Tamalpa Experience: Dialogues Between Life And Art and introduces an approach that enlivens dialogues between body and imagination, life experiences and art making. Using movement, drawing, writing and improvisational performance, participants will tap into art’s symbolic language to explore current life themes and generate new resources.

Please take this unique opportunity for yourself and get to know this extraordinary work! I promise you wont be the same afterwards!  Click here for Video material of the work!

Hilde creates a safe environment and brings a lot of trust into a group. She is open, warm and embraces what happens and is needed in the moment. So we can really dive into depths  while maintaining a safe and warm relationship with ourselves. (participant)


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For who? For all professional artists, Students and to all the people who live (as your life is art).  If you want to move your body, Draw and write about things that matter to you! For those interested in the work of Pioneer Anna Halprin. For those interested in expressive arts. This workshop caters to the needs of the “amateur” dancer/artist. And to the professional. If you want to find more depth and meaning in your life. Create meaningful art out of your life! And let your art making teach you about your life!
No previous experience with any art form is needed.

About Hilde:

photo: Renate Beense

photo: Renate Beense

Born in 1979 and a professional dance artist and teacher since 2002 I have thought to people from all walks of life. A desired teacher in dance academy’s as well as in the amateur field I deeply believe everybody is an artist. I create my own Choreographies and search for meaning and healing in dance and the arts. Rather then just executing pre existing forms and ideas I prefer to dive into the depths of the imagination and let the art issue forth from that.Coming across Tamalpa in 2014 changed my life. Anna Halprin (founder of the work) told me: you are a great and sensitive facilitator. As a dancer you were so strong and gifted when you came in, now you are strong and gifted and have contact with your soul. Your dances have gained depth and a deep human connection. I am honored and happy to share with you this amazing body of work. I wanted to offer this workshop to you as soon as I came to The Netherlands.

I believe in the unique voice of each individual and I am passionated to let those voices speak!

More info? Www.tamalpa.org  about Hilde  and Method


Photo: Victoria donnet


Photo: Victoria donnet