Hilde Elbers

Material (es) sense

Material (es) sense:DSC00094

Choreography / Dance: Hilde Elbers

Concept: Hilde Elbers and Johnny Schoofs

Material (es) sense is a improvised solo made for store’s show  windows: Its a interactive dance installation between the audience, the shop window and the dancer.

I want you to want me

I need you to need me

I love you to love me

I beg you to beg me


A dance solo: stripped from all “doing” this solo stages a  naked nature:  The desire to be one with others, the self and the material world.  This act of  vulnerability becomes a powerfull  solo witch opens windows into the nature of wanting and being wanted, needing and needed, acceptance and accepting. Without hesitation, without restriction. What you see is what you get. Can you let yourself be seen? Can you really let me look at you?

Performances:  13-06-2013 Dansnacht Tilburg. In co-operation with dansbrabant and H&M

26 and 28 september 2013 Eindhoven: www.lightclub.nl

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