Hilde Elbers

About Hilde

My name is Hilde Elbers  born  14-09-1979 in Venray the Netherlands.DansBrabant-HildeElbers_20x30_byRB_01

I am a Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, and I have a counseling practice. I am fluent in English/Dutch and speak sufficient German.

Dance to me is a practice through which we can experience our inside and outside world Including all its beauty and challenges.

Dance to me is  a form of expression in which I consider the body a container, a vessel. A physical manifestation of how we perceive things and live our lives.

In my art works I am interested in the often furiously conflicting inner states and a physicality witch challenges the transgression and transformation of inner processes into matter of the body.

I focus on the act of surrendering: How do we surrender into this life full of contradictions and trials?

Can we surrender:

Actively, open, engaged and aware?

I’m curious how we are trying to cope in a society that is running on a concept of designing and controlling each and every part of our lives. What are the judgements, the traps in this “freedom” of designing who we want to be?

Creativity is dying as there is less and less room to be a human being, instead of a human doing machine.

They say the world is full of opportunities and chances that we can seize! We can connect with everybody all over the globe.

Yet I have come to realize that in various degrees we are all afraid that we won’t belong. That we are not being seen ,heard ore needed. And we all develop behavioral techniques that are specific and suited to us to deal with those fears.

We learn to admire, respect, fear and love natures phenomena: raging storms, howling winds, calm sea’s, blooming flowers, towering mountains and the warming sun. The body of nature just is. It does not apologize: It gives and takes generously and with full force. Lets admire our human and inner phenomena’s as well!  Just as they are. Without judgement but with awareness. Once aware we can create the capacity to choose which actions we will take to move away from fear dominated behaviors and towards healthier and more wholesome living.

In both my artistic and counseling work I deal with our inner nature: our deep human sensations , emotions and how they live inside of us and express themselves into the world.


Last but not least: I love long distance hiking, creative writing, instinctive drawing, and i use photography to capture bits and pieces of this stunning life.