Hilde Elbers


The critical voice:  About the voice inside that keeps convincing you that you are not whatever enough to be able to make it, be happy ore satisfied. And how we can learn to tame that voice and live in our full potential.

Re-imagine the body:  Deals with our body image versus our body sense. body image is constructed out of our thoughts and feelings connected to our sense of physical appearance. Body sense is how we perceive our body from the inside out.

Preventing eating disorders and addictive behavior: for schools, businesses, cultural entrepreneurs, and professional caretakers. A workshop where you learn about the signs and signals indicating problems. You’ll get educated on what is addiction actually about, how you can reach out and to whom.

Somatic movement labs

The tamalpa experience workshop Want to get to know the life art process in its many facets? then this is suitable for you ore your compagny

Moved by contact About how we make contact to ourselves and others. And how we can be in authentic relation with ourselves as well as the other.


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