Hilde Elbers

Teaching method, vision and resume

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I have been teaching since 1996 and I still do so with great pleasure.  Since there are so many different kind of people it’s always a challenge to find the best approach and the correct information to transfer. What works for one does not work for the other.

It’s an honour to learn from each student. they enable me to deepen my knowledge and they challenge me to keep on evolving. Not one class or workshop is the same, it’s a continuous study and search to find the most optimal ways of facilitating. I always look at the people in front of me: where are they now and what do they need? i  adapt my information output on the spot to offer to the students what is needed at that moment.

As a teacher I carry out an individual approach,handing out information that helps the students get further in their process. I constantly search for a way to find an entry that is suitable for the people I work with.

I often use everyday life examples to explain the  different technical elements out of wich dance is build. I combine the dance vocabulary with these ‘normal’ situations,this creates an immediate understanding of the matter at hand, so we don’t get lost in just technical or conceptual talk and you will be able to use this into the work your practicing at that moment.

I am a ‘do-er’. This means I encourage my students not to give up: to keep on do-ing and practicing. If you stop then you don’t evolve. Work on your level, find your borders and then work on the edge of your borders. I find that if you train in a motivated and healthy way you will learn the things you first thought impossible.         les warschau-2

I am a regular teacher in various modern dance techniques,I teach professional and non professional dance classes: floorwork/fly high classes,improvisation classes ,workshops/dance-education/ masterclasses/custumized improvisation based workshops/intensives. if you are interested in a class or a workshop dont hesitate to contact me.


Codarts Rotterdam                                               instant composition, floor work  and   improvised floor principles   

HJS foundation Amsterdam  open pro         Floorwork 

Marameo Berlin  open pro classes                  floorwork/fly high, improvised floor principles

DOX  : theatre group Utrecht                           dance for actors/physical theatre: instant composition

                                                                                  & indepth workshop on partnering and improvisation

Station Zuid/ open pro classes                         floorwork  and improvised floor principles

Fontys academy for arts Tilburg                      improvisation/instant composition, floor work, floor principles

Trashaudition classes/compagny class     floorwork, improvised floor principles, coaching

MehrTanz open pro classes: Leipzig              Improvised floor principles and floorwork

Royal academy for dance Antwerp                  floorwork

Dance festival warschau: open pro                  floorwork, coaching classes, instant composition, improvised floor


Rijnijssel Academy for dance.                           floor work

Rijnijssel Arnhem: Academy for actors          improvisation, instant composition and costume

made workshops

Pre prof. dance education Enschede                modern dance technique

Buitenkunst                                                            customized workshops, improvisation, research weeks, art weeks for toddlers, instant          composition and choreography

Hunnerberg Nijmegen (juvenile prison)       customized workshops/choreography

Dans centrum utrecht:                                         workshop floorwork improvisation style

Various dance schools for amateurs